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Game Projects

General / 19 April 2022

During my time at The Game Assembly (TGA), we got to make 8 games together with the different disciplines in the school - game programmers, level designers, animators, game artists and from project 6 and onwards, technical artists as well. All of these games were made at half-time speed (4 hours each day). Here is a short description of every project I've worked on so far and some trailers and screenshots.

Game Project 7 - Fungal

General / 19 April 2022

This is our 7th game project at TGA, Fungal! We set a goal to make a fun third-person shooter using a game engine made by our programmers at school.

This was made over 15 weeks half-time and it was a real challenge. Nevertheless, I think we managed to create a quite fun shooter! 

I was mainly responsible for creating the character model from start to finish, texturing our enemies as well as working on props.

Game Project 6 - Spite: Absolution

General / 07 April 2022

 Our 6th project at TGA: Spite Absolution! We were tasked to create a Diablo-like game and our set theme was "Catacombs". 

This is the first game we made on our second year of TGA and it is a longer project than the previous games, this one spanned over 14 months half-time. We artists got to use every program that we had learned up till then, Zbrush, Maya, Photoshop and Substance Painter. This was a fun project and everyone got to focus more on what they liked best, at least compared to previous projects. We also worked with technical artists for the first time!

I was mainly responsible for the design, modelling and textures of the player character, the modelling and textures of our ranged and spawner enemy as well as all of the menus and ability icons. 

Game Project 5 - Remedy

General / 07 April 2022

Remedy is the 5th game project I was part of at TGA. It is an adventuring game where you play as a child in a post-apocalyptic Sweden, looking for a cure for your mother. 

This was made over the course of 8 weeks and we used our schools in-house engine. This was a huge challenge since I hade never done pixel art before, but it was very fun and I'm happy with the result. I was responsible for designing the player character and mother for both in-game and in the cutscenes, creating 3D-models for player character and enemies, paint some backgrounds and characters for our cutscenes, as well as make all the HUD and UI. I also edited the trailer for our game.

Game Project 4 - Descent

General / 07 April 2022

Our 4th game project at TGA: Descent! This is a game made in our school's in-house game engine, over the course of 8 weeks. 

My main responsibilities during this entire project was painting parallaxing backgrounds. This was a game with many different levels, so it took a long time to paint the different sceneries. I also, for the first time, tried out video editing and made the trailer as well. 

Game Project 3 - Cell Surge

General / 07 April 2022

Cell Surge is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up game where you play as a white blood cell on a mission to destroy the invading bacteria and viruses in the human body. 

This was a very fun game project to work on, I got to design and model the player character and boss, paint a bunch of background illustrations for our cutscenes as well as work on VFX and animate projectiles. 

We used an in-house game engine that ours school provided us with, and all the models and textures were made in Maya and Photoshop. This project was made over 8 weeks and remotely due to the pandemic. All of this combined proved to be quite a challenge and I learned a lot about cooperation from it. 

Game Project 2 - Faewalkers

General / 07 April 2022

Faewalkers, a puzzle game where you have to constantly flip between two worlds to complete puzzles, developed for mobile phones! This was our second game at TGA,  about half of this game was developed remotely due to the pandemic. 

Faewalkers is developed in Unity and we artists were allowed to use Maya and Photoshop for modeling and creating textures. My responsibilities were mostly UI and HUD, but I also got to model the character on the red side as well as some props. 

Game project 1 - Get That Copter!

General / 07 April 2022

The first game project that I worked in at TGA, Get That Copter - an intense runner where you climb higher and higher roads and buildings as you progress. This was done over the course of 6 weeks.

This was a super fun project to work on, everybody was confused since it was the first game for many (me included). We used Unity and TortoiseSVN for this game and us game artists were allowed to use Maya and Photoshop. I was mainly responsible for character design, UI and HUD as well as some props. I got to design a level (the tutorial) as well, since our level designers were busy.